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Phase I ESA

All About Phase I ESAs - Environmental Site Assessments

One of the most important items to consider when evaluating a commerical property is past uses and whether there is a potential for environmental contamination. Banks learned early on about the importance of due diligence and performing a Phase I ESA. These ESAs are designed to identify any historical uses by property owners that could have resulted in improper disposal of hazardous chemicals onsite. 

Why is it important to perform a Phase I ESA? The reason is environmental laws were written to make sure that a potentially responsible party (PRP) is found. Unfortunately, you could be the PRP; even if you prove your innocence, you could be held jointly or severaly liable for the contamination.

Let me tell you why this is not a good thing. It is EXPENSIVE and could take many years to cleanup. The point is you don't want to "cheap this out." You want a high quality Phase I ESA performed because the few hundred extra dollars you might pay could save you tens of thousands of dollars in cleanup and legal fees.

At EAE, we specialize in high quality, affordable Phase I ESAs. We spend the extra time and effort, unlike some firms that only use "newbies" to crank out as many ESAs as possible. Call us at 913-599-4326 and let us explain the difference. 




“Our projects involve properties with complex environmental issues. … EAE’s pricing has been fair and is an excellent value for the services they have performed. … EAE has represented our company very efficiently in risk management and remedial solutions on our properties.”

Mr. Mark D. Jordan,
Acquisitions Manager
M.A. Block Investments Co. - Dallas, TX


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